Art:PortFleet Company


The software solution «Art:PortFleet» is intended for registration of PortFleet company services. The solution has been developed as a supplement to a standard software product «1С:Accounting 8 for Ukraine».

Functional capabilities:

  • The document «Ship registration». It allows to register a strange vessel calling for the tugboat service calculation;
  • The document «A convoy». It allows to register a list of ships escorted by a tugboat during the ice conditions.
  • The document «A tugboat service invoice». It allows to make up the whole set of necessary documents:
    • «Sales of products and services»;
    • «A tax invoice»;
    • «A statement of performed work»,
    • «An invoice»;
    • «A list — calculation»;
    • «Interpretation»;
    • «Calculation for the ice conditions period»;

  • The document «A thermotechnical report». It allows to discard the fuel from stowages (storage facilities, tugboats) according to the standards, there are necessary printed patterns.
  • A set of specialized reports:
    • «A fuel report DF»;
    • «A (fuel)oil report»;
    • «A list of tugboat service invoices»;
  • A reference book «Vessels».
  • A reference book «Overtime payments».

More detailed information about the solution is available by the phone numbers: in Nickolaev (0512) 67-00-97, in Odessa (048) 709-11-79 or it is possible to request a demonstration.

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