The software solution «Art:Payroll» is intended for docker-operators’ payroll calculation at ports and stevedoring companies. The solution has been developed as a supplement to a standard software product “1C: A Small Company Management for Ukraine”.

Functional capabilities:

  • A built in two-way data exchange system with external programs;
  • A flexible adjustment system for any kinds of calculations;
  • Port regulated reports are included in the basic supply;
  • A simple adjustment principle of additional reports;

The solution includes:

  • A quantity surveyor’s automated workstation. Access to all the necessary reference books and reports;
  • The document «Work order». It is intended for entering the main data for calculations. It consists of obverse and reverse;
  • The port regulated reports are the following:
    • Pattern ВВР01 «A cargo handling variant report in the ORC (Operating Reloading Complex)»;
    • Pattern ВВР02 «A free cargo handling variant report in the ORC»;
    • Pattern ВВР03 «The time budget of the dockers in the ORC»;
    • Pattern ВВР04 «The cargo class handling operations»;
    • Pattern ВВР06 «A cargo handling variant report for the vessels at the port terminals»;
    • Pattern ВВР09 «The main cargo classes handling operations»;
    • Pattern ВВР10 «Additonal and out of port works report»;
    • Pattern ВВР11 «The working efficiency variant report»;
    • Pattern ВВР15 «A cargo handling variant report for the navigating type»;
    • Pattern ВВР16 «A cargo handling variant report at the berths»;
    • Pattern ВВР21 «Handling operations for the cargo range»;
    • Pattern ВВР22 «Handling operations» (cost price of work, processing lines);
    • An application form for machine-hours operating time for handling operations made by loading machines;
    • Table of quantities at the MC (maintenance center)»
    • Calculation of the «Work order»;
    • An MC use report for cargo classes;
    • A certificate of orders;
    • Order wages;
    • A report about the crews labour management

More detailed information about the solution is available by the phone numbers: in Nickolaev (0512) 67-00-97, in Odessa (048) 709-11-79 or it is possible to request a demonstration.