The main activity of the state of the emergency company «Fortrans-Odessa Maritime Agency» is the agency service of ships in the ports of Ukraine.

The Customer was faced with the task of automating the regulated (accounting and tax accounting) and financial accounting of agency activities. The specialists of the Odessa branch LLC «Art Soft»  helped the Customer to choose the most suitable programs.

According to the results of the survey, a typical configuration is recommended for the automation of regulated accounting «Accounting for Ukraine».

The functionality of the standard solution is well developed, tested, and polished by many years of practice, it meets all the requirements of Ukrainian legislation. Configuration «Accounting for Ukraine» provides solutions to typical (non-specific) tasks of accounting and tax accounting and preparation of mandatory reporting to the controlling state bodies and funds. An important advantage of using standard configurations of the company is the promptness and timeliness of modifying programs with changes in legislation and regulations (within the framework of information technology support of ITS).

In order to automate the specific features of operational and financial accounting of the Customer’s ship agency activities, in addition to the typical configuration, the Customer has been recommended to implement a sectorial solution for implementation «Art:ShipAgency» (developed by specialists of LLC «Art Soft», has a certificate: Compatible).

Experience of LLC «Art Soft» for the automation of maritime agencies, showed that the combined use of the proposed software solutions is optimal for the integrated automation of regulated and industry accounting for enterprises with this type of activity. The results of the accounting of the mutual settlements of the Customer with shipowners and port services (in terms of ships and services rendered), performed in an additional configuration «Art:ShipAgency», automatically reflected in the regulated accounting PP«Accounting for Ukraine».

A software solution has been implemented to automate the accounting of the settlements of the maritime agency with shipowners and port services in the context of ships and the services rendered to them in addition to the standard configuration «Art:ShipAgency» (drawing product with a certificate: Compatible).

The functionality of the program:

-Accounting in accordance with the standards of Ukraine, taking into account industry characteristics.
— Automation of the activity of the economist-payer for the accounting of services rendered to the courts, in accordance with the requirements of industry specifics.
— Formation of management, analytical and statistical reporting.
— Ship Registration on approach to the port.
— Formation of applications for port services for invoicing.
— Accounting for incoming invoices.
-Accounting for settlements with shipowners.
— Accounting for settlements with port services.
— Calculating the cost of agency (subagent) services and issuing the appropriate invoices.
— Consideration of the peculiarities of calculating the value-added tax characteristic of this type of service.
— Formation of disbursement accounts.

Commissioning of the recommended programs has reduced the labor costs of the Customer’s staff to perform complex calculations and record keeping. The risk of errors was minimized, duplication of data entry was eliminated, the time for preparing reports was reduced. Ensured transparency of accounting. Accurate information about the financial condition of the company for analysis and management decisions is provided to the Customer’s management online.