We work to create and implement high-quality software solutions to customers for optimization and improvement of the manageability of their business.

— Our mission

LTD «Art Port» is a leading company in the southern region of Ukraine in the field of development, implementation and support tracking of industry solutions for the transport and grain business.
Programs are developed on the BAS and 1C platforms using WEB- and mobile technologies.
The decisive competitive advantage of the company is the employees’ professionalism. This concerns both consultants and software developers.

Our history

The history of LTD «Art Port» has begun even before the official company registration as part of the Group of Companies «Art Soft».

2004 – The first port automation project. As a result, the registration of the «Nikolaev Sea Trade Port» was fully automated, including accounting, salaries and operational accounting of the main and auxiliary types of activities.
2014 – A department for the development of industry solutions was formed  in the company «Art Soft». The company began to take part in industry exhibitions: «Intertransport», «AgroSphere», «RailExpo».
2016 – registration of “Art Port” as a legal entity in the Group of Companies “Art Soft”.

Clients of LTD «Art Port»

Our clients are large grain holdings, railway operators, transport companies, seaports, with whom we maintain long-term business relations.
Our software products are in great demand in almost all Ukrainian ports.
A lot of mid-sized and large enterprises of Ukraine work with us, including «Tis-Ruda», «Kernel-Trade», «Allseeds», «BNH-Ukraine», «Dickerhoff Transport», «UMG Investments».

Industry solutions for the transport and grain business

Thanks to the products that we have developed for you, you can work much more efficiently. Our developers are constantly supplementing them with new tools, adapting in accordance with customer requirements:

«Art:Grain Terminal»;
«Art:Oil terminal»;
«Art:Tallyman of Grain Terminal»;
«Art:Wagon Fleet»;
«Art:Railway Logistics»;
Module «Exchange with UZ»;
«Art:Railway Terminal»;
«Art:Railway Dispatching»;
«Art:Grain Storage»;