Mykolaiv Sea Commercial Port is one of the oldest ports of Ukraine (founded in 1862) and it occupies a leading position at the handling of export-import and coasting kinds of cargo, providing the transit traffic for different kinds of cargo, reloading of containers and packages.

A seaport is a specific transport enterprise and the problem of automation includes its own important industrial and branch peculiarities. To solve the problem, the public enterprise «Mykolaiv Sea Commercial Port» used to have its own applications developed by the IT specialists of the port computing center (CC). The large-scale port development and the growth of cargo handling volume required the complex automation of the most important accounting and port management subsystems.

The management of the PE MSCP (Public Enterprise «Mykolaiv Sea Commercial Port») made a decision to create and apply a united automated system based on the new generation technological platform. LLC «Art Soft» was chosen to execute an order for the development and the application of this system because it has got necessary complex automation experience of large-scale industrial enterprises.

Having researched and analyzed complicated interconnected manufacturing processes of the port activity, the specialists of «Art Soft» developed and applied an original branch software package «MSCP». The configuration «MSCP» contains a unique set of functions that meets the requirements of all port activity fields at management and financial accounting – from the social sphere to administration. The following directions have been automated:

  • making up of the budget;
  • trading-contractual activity;
  • technological support;
  • traffic control (vessels, railway cars, motor vehicles, barges, towboats);
  • the forwarding department;
  • handling operations; dockers’ payroll calculation;
  • the minor fleet service;
  • the armed guard;
  • operation of the special machinery (dockside cranes, counterbalanced trucks, transporters);
  • the motor vehicle service;
  • the railway department;
  • the building-repair department;
  • the repair depot;
  • the energy-department;
  • the hospital;
  • accounting;
  • the personnel department;
  • calculation of the payroll;
  • creation of the accounts.

Taking into consideration the results of the configuration commercial operation, the Customer can confirm the main advantages of the configuration «MSCP» industrial application:

  • disembodied data have been collected into a united database;
  • duplicating and mismatching of the accounting and reference information have been excluded;
  • every operation is registered only once and displayed in both management and regulated accounting;
  • accounting reliability has been increased;
  • the staff burden has been decreased;
  • reports can be created in any analytical section with desired data specification and classification;
  • the system provides effective control of all the port activity directions;
  • the port management is supplied with online and accurate information to make decisions;
  • automated accounting is executed in absolute compliance with the departmental and Ukrainian legislation requirements.

During the application and maintenance process, the specialists of «Art Soft» organized training and consulting for the port staff. At the present time, the software package maintenance is being provided within the bounds of the ITM agreement.