To: the director of LLC «Art Soft»

S.V. Artyomenko

A reference letter

Dear Sergei Vladislavovich,

A limited liability company LLC «Grain Terminal NIKA-TERA» would like to express our sincere thanks to you and your company for a professional job on the application of the software package «Art:Grain Terminal Management» at our company.

A wide-ranging project on the building of new silo-type grain storage was completed in 2015. As a result, the grain terminal «NIKA-TERA» possesses a modern silo type grain storage, which consists of 14 silos with a total holding capacity of 170 thousand tonnes. There are processing lines of motor vehicles and railway transport receiving, loading on motor vehicles and railway transport, grain conditioning, drying, and loading on cargo vessels.

When the above-mentioned project was completed, a crucial question about the necessity of the grain terminal operation automation arose at the company. «Art Soft» company, which has long-term experience in the field of ports and grain storages operation all-round automation, was chosen to solve this problem. The company’s management made a decision to apply the software solution «Art:Grain Terminal Management», developed by the «Art Soft» company’s specialists on the basis of the software product «A Small Company Management».

As a result of the software solution application, all necessary functions of the quantitative and qualitative accounting (QQA) were automated, namely:

1. Accounting of grain crops receiving, holding, loading and re-registration:

  • an entrance checkpoint subsystem was created to register motor vehicles (MV) and documents by the arrival purpose (subsequently, MV in the territory are accounted, departures are registered and a set of documents is printed out due to the subsystem);
  • while receiving, it is possible to control the accounting of grain crops amount by suppliers through the «A supply receiving order»;
  • while loading, control of remains is executed due to the «Loading orders»;
  • transport traffic is eliminated with the help of bar code numbering, bar code selection is used and connection to scanners is provided;
  • MV (motor waybill) receiving and loading registers are created.

2. Entering the weight from the motor scales:

  • the weigher’s workstation was put into operation with automated functions of the scales department – gross weight/packing;
  • there is an interconnection with weighing equipment.

3. The registration of the laboratory grain tests with the recording of basic and additional characteristics:

  • the laboratory assistant’s workstation was put into operation for the recording of proximate analysis, moisture registration, and arrangement in storing places receiving;
  • the incoming crops visa was automated;
  • loading through the workstation, analysis of loading are registered and there is an opportunity to determine the place of loading.

4. Accounting of grain conditioning to basic characteristics, distributing of the 1 — 3 category waste products among the owners.
5. Calculation of the services rendered to the contractor.
6. Creation of management reports for total quality control of all the processes at the enterprise.
7. Creation of the cleanup statement and the calculation statement.
8. Unloading of the warehouse receipts into the state register.
9. Visualization of the «Silo board» report with an opportunity for interactive displacements.
10. Creation of the regulated printed report patterns according to the instruction №661 (patterns № 28, 29, 36, 37 etc.).

By the current time, the application of the software solution «Art:Grain Terminal Management» has been completely executed. 11 working places have been computerized. November 24, 2015 is the starting date of the software package commercial operation.

As a result, the set purposes for the terminal operation computerization have been achieved. The system ensures a high level of automated accounting, creating all the necessary basic documents, grain accounting, loading and unloading of the vessels, effective report creating and it provides the terminal management with actual information about all areas of activity.

Company LLC «Grain Terminal NIKA-TERA» would like to express sincere thanks to the management and the specialists of «Art Soft» for a high level of the rendered service on accounting and management automation, professional approach, and scrupulosity carrying out of the set tasks.

The 5-grade system estimation:

  • Compliance with the company’s requirements — 5
  • Ease of the system handling — 5
  • Estimation of the work quality — 5
  • Is it recommended to our partners to use this system for the computerization of their business -Yes.


Director of operations
LLC «Grain Terminal NIKA-TERA»                                                                                                                I.P. Bobov