To: the director of LLC «Art Soft»

S.V. Artyomenko

A reference letter

Dear Sergei Vladislavovich,

The company LLC «ASCET SHIPPING» is a leading enterprise of the forwarding service market in the city of Berdyansk and in the southeast of Ukraine. Ship’s agency service is one of our company’s business activities.

The management of the company LLC «ASCET SHIPPING» made a decision to buy your software product «Art:Ship Agency for Ukraine» for the branch accounting of the ship’s agency service. This decision was made on the basis of the following reasons:

  • The company LLC «Art Soft» has got a long-term experience of development and application of the software products at the largest sea transport enterprises of Ukraine;
  • «Art:Ship Agency for Ukraine» possesses a certificate «Compatible» and it is a supplement to the software solution «Accounting 8 for Ukraine». The software solution is used by our company as the main accounting and tax program.

The specialists of your company executed the program adaptation and adjustment according to the peculiarities of our company. As a result of the application, the following specific accounting functions were automated:

  • Registration of vessels and their characteristics;
  • Registration of incoming invoices;
  • Registration of mutual payments with shipowners and port authorities;
  • Creating of disbursement accounts;
  • Calculation of agent (sub-agent) service prices and issuing of necessary invoices;
  • The value-added tax calculation taking into account the peculiarities typical for the ship’s agency service;
  • Creating specialized reports.

The system practical application has confirmed the correspondence of the software product «Art:Ship Agency for Ukraine» functional capabilities with our requirements to the ship’s agency service accounting. The accountants’ and economists’ daily routine has become more effective, data processing has accelerated. The software product enables the creation of both synthetic and analytic specialized reports on ship’s agency service and provides the company’s management with the necessary information for making administrative decisions.

Taking into consideration the results of the software product «Art:Ship Agency for Ukraine» application and functioning, the company «ASCET SHIPPING» would like to thank the company’s developers and specialists for the qualitative and professional work and also for the opportune and competent consulting support.

22.09.2010                                                                                     The Director of LLC «ASCET SHIPPING»