To: the director of LLC «ART SOFT»

S.V. Artyomenko


A reference letter

Company LTD «ATS Uspekh» started its operation on December 31, 2005. The reason for the company’s foundation was the container cargo traffic increase and a limited amount of enterprises, dealing with containerization of grain cargo in Ukraine. Our company contains a unique combination of a grain storage and a logistics centre, which develops excellent possibilities for cargo delivery. It was necessary to install a computerized system of management and accounting to control the company effectively. The system had to solve both traditional accounting and payroll problems and also specific grain accounting problems. As the company 1C:Franchisee LTD «ART SOFT» proved to be a reliable and professional partner, it was chosen to develop a specific computerized system of management and accounting. Three software solutions were chosen to realize the company’s requirements:

  • A specialised software solution «Art:GrainStorage»;
  • The software solution «1C:Enterprise 8 Accounting for Ukraine»;
  • The software solution «1C:Enterprise 8. Payroll and Staff Management for Ukraine»;

The selection of these software products enabled to organize accounting of receiving, conditioning, keeping and grain unloading operations with minimal time expenditure, and in addition, to start proper business, payroll and tax accounting. The specialists of LLC «ART SOFT» developed an accounting model for our company, taking into consideration our requirements, to be used in operation and organized personal computer training for every user of the system.

As a result, specific accounting branches were created:

  • Registration of the grain delivery by the railway and motor vehicles:
    • Registration of the weighing by motor- and railway scales;
    • Stamp (visa);
    • Registers of the MW (motor waybills);
    • An opportunity of quality accountability by both an average daily sample and each consignment;
    • Registration of a warehouse receipt;
  • The owner exchange registration:
    • Displaying in the register;
    • Registration of the calculation statement;
  • Shipping:
    • The laboratory tests registration;
    • Creating of the MW (motor waybills);
    • Creating of the calculation statement;
  • Accounting of technological grain operations:
    • Cleaning;
    • Drying;
    • Automatic calculation and distribution among the grain owners;
  • Cleanup of the silos:
    • Registration of the cleanup statements with an automatic calculation opportunity;
    • Accounting of cleanup statements current condition (sent, considered, rejected, approved) according to the results of cooperation with SGI (State Grain Inspection), with an opportunity to get reports;
  • Accounting of services:
    • Accounting of services in different documents connected to (grain storage, reregistration, weighing);
    • Creating of selling documents, invoices for payment, service statements;
  • The laboratory accounting:
    • The laboratory tests registration;
    • Accounting of standard documents;
    • An opportunity to detect the grain sort automatically;
  • A set of reports according to the SGI instruction.

Following working places (workstations) were computerized:

  • The weigher’s workstation;
  • The laboratory assistant’s workstation;
  • The economist’s workstation (engaged in mutual payments with the grain owners);
  • The accountant’s workstation;
  • The tax accountant’s workstation;
  • The payroll accountant’s workstation.

In a short period of time (1 month), the project on computerization of our company’s accounting was successfully executed and the set tasks were carried out:

  • To fulfil registration of turnover in the accounting system;
  • To write out basic documents;
  • To get actual data about grain storage and turnover;
  • To calculate the weight to be given out or reregistrated on the basis of QQA (quantitative and qualitative accounting);
  • To fulfil cleanup (stock-taking) of the warehouses, to write out calculation and cleanup statemenst;
  • To analyse reports on production activity;
  • To create registers and branch accounts automatically.

As a result, the purpose of the company’s accounting computerization was achieved: the quality and reliability of the management information were improved.

14 working places were computerized.

June 8, 2015 is the starting date of the software products commercial operation.

LLC «ATS Uspekh» would like to express sincere thanks to the director of «Art Soft» company and its specialists for their qualified job, professionalism and patience. We hope to continue our cooperation and if we need some additional modifications we will undoubtedly turn to «Art Soft» company. It is our 100% reliable partner.

The 5-grade system estimation:

  • Compliance with the company’s requirements — 5
  • Ease of the system handling — 5
  • Estimation of the «1C» franchisee work quality — 5
  • Is it recommended to our partners to use this system for computerization of their business? -Yes.

Chief accountant of LLC «ATS Uspekh»
Svetlana Nickolaevna Chekay