To: the director of LLC «Art Soft»

S.V. Artyomenko

A reference letter

Dear Sergei Vladislavovich,

The company «KONKORD KOMODITIZ» specializes in the trade of grains and oilseeds, as well as the products of their processing since 2013. The activity of our company is focused on the export of agricultural products to the countries of the European Union and Asian countries. Main crops: wheat, millet, canola, soybean, sorghum, peas, chickpeas.
In order to improve the use of the company’s resources, it was decided to switch to a modern automated accounting system. The specialists of LLC «ART SOFT»  successfully automated and tax accounting in our company by implementing a popular software solution «1С: Accounting 8 for Ukraine», allows to significantly speed up the formation of regulated reporting, minimizes the number of errors and ensures that reporting complies with the requirements of the current regulatory legislation of Ukraine.
The specialists of the company «ART SOFT» made the introduction of the system in the enterprise; made the initial settings for working with the program; provided qualified counseling.

This program automates the following tasks:

• Accounting:

-bank and cash;
-settlements with counterparties;
-calculations with accountable persons;
-fixed asset accounting;
-accounting of intangible assets;
-accounting of low value assets;
-payroll calculations;

-accounting of intangible assets;
-accounting of low value assets;
-payroll calculations.

• Tax accounting.

Regulated reporting.

The implementation period is 1 month.

The start date of the commercial operation of the software is 13.11.2013.

LLC «CONCORD KOMODITIZ» thanks the director and employees of the firm «ART SOFT» for the quality work, professionalism and patience. We hope to continue our cooperation and if we need additional improvements, we will undoubtedly turn to our partner, in which we are 100% sure — to the ART SOFT company.

Score on a 5-point scale:

  • Comfority the needs of the organization- 5
  • Convenience of working with the program — 5
  • Assessment of the quality of work partner «1C» — 5
  • Is it recommended to use this solution for automation of activities — Yes

Chief Accountant
Siboglova S.P.