BNH Ukraine is a major enterprise in Ukraine of the Belarussian Oil and Chemical Concern network of the Belarusian State Concern for Foreign Investment. Each year, the company increases the volume of deliveries of the Group’s products to Ukrainian companies.

In 2017, the company sold 312 thousand tons of products worth UAH 2.7 billion. Compared to 2016, deliveries of goods to the Ukrainian market have increased one and a half times both in natural and price aspects. Acting as an expert in the market of mineral fertilizers, petrochemical products, and petroleum products, the company intends to assist Ukrainian companies in the selection of quality products of BNH concern’s enterprises and their costs’ minimization. The company plans to become the largest supplier of petrochemical products in the Ukrainian market.

In the conditions of volume increase of railway transportations, the automation issue of tasks on the management of transportations for getting operative information became urgent before our company:

— by wagons and cargoes;
— shippers and consignees;
— tariffs for transportation and additional services of Ukrainian railways;
— the condition of wagons, their dislocation, technical parameters.

To solve these problems, we have chosen the company «Art Port», which has provided the software complex «Art:Railway Logistics Basic».

Specialists of the company LTD «Art Port» have finalized and implemented a software product, conducted the training. Our staff receives quality advice on the rational use of this complex.

As a result of the implementation, the following processes were automated:

1. Downloading electronic transport documents (ETDs) with a printed form of invoice and accompanying documents at all statuses;
2. Downloading information about the use of GU-46 / GU-46a wagons;
3. Downloading memos on the supply/withdrawal of GU-45 wagons;
4. Downloading FDU-92 storage cards;
5. Creation of the GU-27 bill of lading on the basis of imported SMGS (forwarding);
6. Loaning of railway bills;
7. Exchange of data with the system «Management of enterprise» — unloading of railway invoices with binding for orders to suppliers and orders of buyers with the distribution of costs for the railway tariff, storage, and forwarding of cargoes;
8. Electronic signature and approval of information about using the GU-46 / GU-46a wagons and FDU-92 storage cards;
9. Loading from different sources of wagon location data.

Implementation period: 1 month.

During the implementation period, as well as during the support period, «Art Port» employees proved themselves to be reliable and competent professionals.

BNH Ukraine expresses its gratitude to the director and employees of «Art Port» for the qualified services for the development and implementation of the automated system of railway transportation accounting, based on the product «Art:Railway Logistics Basic».