To: the director of LLC «Art Soft»

S.V. Artyomenko

A reference letter

Dear Sergei Vladislavovich,

Smart Maritime Group is a manufacturing company (a shipbuilding holding) responsible for the development of maritime assets as a subsidiary company of Smart-Holding’s group.

The decision about automation of the company accounting and all internal business activity was made to ensure financial stability and competitive ability in the market. To solve this problem, we applied to your company because LLC «Art Soft» has a good reputation of a reliable and professional partner at the «1С» software products application.

We chose the software solution «1С:A Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8 for Ukraine». The main criterion for the solution choice was the  universal software environment. Full automation of the economical activity is available due to a possibility of flexible software adjustment in the presence of relatively low costs.

To ensure operation at «1С:A Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8 for Ukraine» with maximum use of the software product’s internal potential,   the specialists of your company adapted the software product to the peculiarities of our enterprise. The process of the first cost calculation for the shipbuilding holding was started on the basis of the system «A Manufacturing Enterprise Management for Ukraine». Within the limits of the project, the employee of «ART SOFT», Konstantin Ursalov carried out the following tasks:

1) Accountancy for contradictions searching in analytical sections at the Production module and also the result display of expenditure calculation were improved;

2) The accountant’s operation was automated: the procedure of costs distribution for the made product was accelerated and automated;

3) The system of production costs distribution was improved;

4) The process of the first cost calculation (entry of the documents) was accelerated from 2-3 hours to 30 minutes;

5) Mistakes or shortcomings at the current system of the production costs calculation were corrected;

6) The process was launched with minimal modifications of the standard software solution.

Also, to meet our requirements, the software solution «1С:A Manufacturing Enterprise Management» was completed by the employee of your company Yurii Nickolaenko in the payroll calculation segment, taking into account the peculiarities of our enterprise. As a result of the performed operations, the calculation algorithm of different kinds of accounting (indexing, sick-leaves, substitutions, vacations) was corrected, some changes at the regulated accountancy were made, new reports for the payroll plan-fact analysis were developed. The working time-board assisted by the access control system was automated, FortNet software package was integrated into the accounting system, and also automatic sending of the work time control accountancy was developed.

By the present moment, the software solution «1С:A Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8 for Ukraine» has been completely installed.

As a result of the system application, the set purposes of the company’s business activity automation were achieved. The system ensures a high automation level of accounting, drawing up of all necessary basic documents, first cost calculating, effective creating of reports and it also provides the company’s management with actual information about all the lines of business activity.

Company Smart Maritime Group would like to express our thanks to the management and specialists of «Art Soft» company for the high level of rendered services on the management and accounting automation, professional approach and scrupulosity while solving of the set problems.

The 5-grade system estimation:

  • Compliance with the company’s requirements — 5
  • Ease of the system handling — 5
  • Estimation of the «1C» franchisee work quality — 5
  • Is it recommended to our partners to use this system for automation of their business activity? -Yes.