To: the director of LLC «ART SOFT»

S.V. Artyomenko

A reference letter

Dear Sergei Vladislavovich,

Company LLC «TransService -2008» renders services of grain-crops warehousing, processing, and transportation. Collaboration with LLC «ART SOFT», which had shown itself as a reliable and professional partner, was chosen for the development of a specialized system of management and accounting.

The specialists of «ART SOFT» developed and applied a specialized software solution «Art:GrainStorage». In combination with the standard software solution «1С: Accounting 8 for Ukraine», this software product enables to organize accounting of grain receiving, conditioning, warehousing, and shipping operations effectively and with minimal expense.

  • Registration of grain delivery by railway and motor vehicles:
  • Weighing registration by both  auto and railway scales;
  • Stamp (visa);
  • Registers of the MW (motor waybills);
  • Quality accountability by both an average daily sample and each consignment;
  • Registration of the warehouse receipt;
  • Re-registration of the goods from one owner to another:
  • Displaying at the accountancy;
  • Registration of the calculation statement;
  • Shipping:
  • The laboratory tests registration;
  • Creation of the MW (motor waybills);
  • Creation of the calculation statement;
  • Accounting of the grain working operations:
  • Cleaning;
  • Drying;
  • Automatic calculation and distribution among the grain owners;
  • Cleaning of the silos:
  • Registration of the cleanup statements with a possibility of automatic calculation;
  • Accounting of the cleanup statement status (sent, examined, turned down, approved) according to the results of the co-operation with the SGPI (State Grain Products Inspection), with a possibility of report creating;
  • Calculation of services:
  • Accounting of services in different registration documents (grain warehousing, re-registration, weighing);
  • Creating of the invoices for payment, selling documents, service statements;
  • The laboratory accounting:
  • The laboratory tests registration;
  • Accounting of the standard documents;
  • A possibility of automatic grain quality determination;
  • A set of reports according to the SGPI (State Grain Products Inspection) instruction.
  • The weigher’s workstation;
  • The laboratory assistant’s workstation;
  • The economist’s (dealing with grain owners mutual payments) workstation.

Automated accounting at our enterprise was successfully applied and the set problems were solved during the scheduled date:

  • The registration of movements is conducted in the accounting system;
  • Basic documents are written out;
  • Accurate information about grain storing up and turnover is received;
  • Weight calculation is executed for giving out or re-registration on the basis of the QQA (qualitative and quantitative account) data ;
  • Calculation and cleanup statements are created. Cleanup (stock-taking) of the warehouses is executed;
  • Production activity reports are analyzed;
  • Registers and branch accountancy are created automatically;
  • The quality and reliability of the management information have been improved.

Company LLC «TransService -2008» would like to express complete satisfaction with the results of our collaboration and to thank the specialists of the company «ART SOFT» for their qualitative and professional project execution.

Chief accountant     A.S. Nemchenko                                                                                            30.10.2014

LLC «TransService -2008»