LLC «Erant» has many years of experience in the field of freight forwarding services, organization of transportation of grain crops and other goods by rail in the state, and interstate community with the borders of Odesa, Prydniprovsk, Southwestern, Southern, and Lviv railways.

The main goal of the company is to provide an optimal portfolio of freight forwarding services in the Ukrainian market with maximum reliability and high-quality customer service.

At the end of 2016, «Erant» became the first freight forwarding company in Ukraine to be GMP + certified, which now enables the company to arrange rail transport to EU countries and other countries in compliance with international requirements.

The increase in the volume of railway transportation, the expansion of the services’ range provided by our company, necessitated the automation of solving the problems of transportation management. For operational management actual information is required:

— by wagons and cargoes;
— shippers and consignees;
— requests for freight forwarding services and actual performance indicators;
— tariffs for transportation and additional services of Ukrainian railways;
— the condition of cars, their dislocation, technical parameters.

The solution of the automation issue of accounting of freight forwarding services was decided to implement on the basis of the software product «Art:Railway Logistics Ultimate», which is developed by specialists of the company «Art Port». The advantage of this product is the ability to integrate access to Ukrainian railways data in the enterprise information system.

In addition, the developers were tasked with:

— automatic binding of railway bills to applications for transportation;
— exchange with configuration «Accounting for Ukraine 2.0».

The specialists of LTD «Art Port» conducted a pre-project survey of the features of our activity, studied the needs and wishes for the new system of accounting of freight forwarding services, installed the system on the server and workplaces, made its settings and necessary software refinements, trained the employees to work in the system.

As a result of the implementation, we received a software product that made it possible to automate the basic functions of accounting of freight forwarding services, to make the whole process simple and clear, to reduce the time of processing of information and documents, to minimize the factor of human errors.

During the implementation of this product the following works were performed:

— automatic binding of railway bills to applications for transportation;
— binding multiple applications for one rail waybill to each wagon separately;
— development of a mechanism for the distribution of wagons on applications in the case of open applications with the same key parameters;
— exchange with configuration «Accounting for Ukraine 2.0»;
— Setting up the mechanism of railway invoices creation in the base of the «Client of UZ» on the basis of applications as transport instructions, as well as by copying already created documents;
— development of a mechanism for accounting of the remains of seals (STDs) at stations with the possibility of automatic write-off at loading of railway bills, as well as manual correction of receipt, movement between stations of other writings with the indication of the wagon and the waybill (lack of a seal, for example);
— opening of wagons turnover on the selected application.

The project of automation of accounting of freight forwarding services was implemented in a reasonable time, in accordance with our wishes and requirements to the system.

Implementation period: 2 months

Score on 5 point scale:
— Compliance with the needs of the organization: 5
— Convenience of work with the program: 5
— Evaluation of the quality of work of the partner «SAB»: 5

The specialists of «Art Port» approached the tasks with responsibility and took into account the peculiarities of our work. We thank the director and staff of the company and recommend him as a reliable partner in the field of automation of industry solutions for railway logistics.