«WOG» is the largest network of filling stations and the largest importer of fuel in Ukraine.
Every day, WOG serves about 150,000 customers. The filling station is represented in 24 regions of Ukraine.

The company is actively engaged in the international formation of partnerships with European countries. Since 2010, WOG has started supplying diesel fuel under the MUSTANG brand from refineries in Romania, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, and Belarus. At the moment the corporation supplies 8 certified types of fuel. The supply of this product is handled by LLC «Import Trans Service», which is part of the «WOG» network structure.

Most of the transportation is carried out by railway, and our company has faced the problem of a quality solution to the problems of transportation management, namely:
— by wagons and cargoes;
— shippers and consignees;
— tariffs for transportation and additional services of Ukrainian railways;
— the condition of wagons, their dislocation, technical parameters.

To solve the problems of automation of railway logistics, we have chosen the company «Art Port», which has provided the software complex «Art:Railway Logistics Basic». The complex allows to integrate access to the data of the Ukrainian railways and their transfer in the information system of the enterprise.

Also, implementing «Art:Rail Logistics Basic» the developers had to solve the following tasks:
— automatic monitoring of shipment and delivery performance using Ukrainian Railways SMS server data;
— analysis and solution of the error of cost-sharing GU-46 by discrepancy the number of wagons in the row of services and in the memo;
— optimization of the mechanism of automatic reconciliation and signature of GU-46 and FDU-92 by downloading from the client «UZ Client»;
— Correction of payments’ renewal in the ESD.

The specialists of LTD «Art Port» conducted a survey of our company’s business processes, finalized and implemented a software product, conducted training and further consultation of our employees.

During the implementation of the software product «Art:Rail Logistics Basic», the following works were performed:
— The configuration module server program is configured on a 64-bit server;
— connection of the exchange mechanism with the railway;
— consultations with subsystem integration in «Management of enterprise» were carried out.

The following modifications were made to the data structures to generate a report on rail costs:
• adding a railway field to counterparty payer codes;
• filling in the cost movements of wagons with empty invoices in the absence of statements in the wagon usage data;
• adjustment and mechanism of substitution of the ESD departure station in the absence of it in the routing header by the first and last line;
• sets the cost time — the actual date of the transaction or the date of registration of the document.

As a result of the implementation, the following settings have been added to adapt the mechanism of the railway exchange to the technical constraints:
• setting the number of documents to download in one exchange;
• setting in SMS nodes ranges of loading time of each type of document;
• logging of all operations in agreement and signature, opening the key indicating the type of operation.

In the course of the project, special attention was paid to the optimization of the mechanism of automatic reconciliation and signature of GU-46 and FDU-92 by downloading from AU Client UZ.

Implementation period: 3 months

Score on 5 point scale:
— Compliance with the needs of the organization: 5
— Convenience of work with the program: 5
— Assessment of the quality of work of the partner: 5

The list of works confirmed the correctness of our choice in the service provider. The specialists of LTD «Art Port» approached the tasks with responsibility and took into account the peculiarities of our work. We thank the director and staff of the company and recommend him as a reliable partner in the field of automation of industry solutions for railway logistics.