LTD «Kernel Trade» is the world’s leading and largest Ukrainian producer and exporter of sunflower oil, a key supplier of agricultural products from the Black Sea region to world markets. The company provides elevator services with a total one-time storage capacity of 2.3 million tons of grain at 39 enterprises, located in the main agricultural regions of the country.

LTD «Kernel-Trade» is a leader in grain exports in Ukraine, supplying 10% of grain exported from the country to international markets.
The company exports its products to more than 80 countries. Since November 2007, the company’s shares have been traded on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE).
In the context of growing volumes of rail transportation, the issue of automating transportation management tasks has become an urgent issue for our company in order to obtain current information about:
  • wagons and cargoes;
  • consignors and consignees;
  • tariffs for transportation and additional services of Ukrainian Railways;
  • state of wagons, their location, technical parameters.
To solve the problems of accounting automation, we’ve selected the company “Art Port”, which has provided the software package “Art:Railway Logistics Ultimate”.

Specialists of the company “Art Port” have finalized and implemented a software product, conducted the training. Our employees receive quality advice on the optimal use of this complex.

During the implementation of the software product «Art:Railway Logistics Ultimate», the following work was done to adapt the system:
• Creation of railway consignment notes, signature and sending to the UZ database from the Customer’s accounting system;
• Exchange with the «AS client UZ» system:
  • Downloading electronic transportation documents (ETD) with a printed invoice form and accompanying documents at all statuses;
  • Downloading statements of the wagon use (GU-46 / GU-46a);
  • Loading instructions of wagon spotting/picking (GU-45);
  • Downloading funded cards (FDU-92).

• The mechanism for viewing the wagon history: wagon documents, history of conditions, dislocation;
• Calculation of proceeds, profit, and profitability of transportation orders;
• Data exchange between the information system of the railway operator RET (Railway Express Transportation) and the system of quantitative and qualitative accounting of grain at the TBT grain terminal;
• Visualization of the wagon placement on TBT tracks with the possibility of interactive registration of unloading fronts and the processing ends, as well as refusals to receive cargo.

The following improvements have been made:
• Configuring the “The server module matching” and downloading UZ documents according to the certificates of LLC «Kernel-Trade» and JV LLC «Transbalkterminal»;
• The mechanism of station replacing (the station in the station document corresponds to the stations in the railway bills);
• Adding the “Cargo owner” field to the railway waybill and the mechanism of rule filling the cargo owner according to the text marks of the waybill;
• Hierarchical directory of reasons for the wagon delay, an indication of the reasons for the delay in the acts of GU-23;
• Document “Calculation of cargo owners’ expenses»: filling in the sums of expenses from the lists of UZ services on the basis of the reasons for delays of acts GU-23 with a lay-off by tables of own expenses TBT  and for reassignment to cargo owners;
• Report on sum reconciliation of services of the UZ lists with data downloaded from AS «Client UZ»;
• Development and adjustment of the exchange of railway consignment notes between «Art:Railway Logistics Ultimate» and the system of quantitative and qualitative grain accounting of grain terminals and grain storages of a group of companies;
• Scheduled unloading of rail waybills following to the Chernomorsk-Port station, into the information system of the private railway operator of LLC «Railway Express Transportation».
Implementation period: 4 months
Score on 5 point scale:
— Compliance with the needs of the organization: 5
— Convenience of work with the program: 5
— Evaluation of the quality of work of the partner «SAB»: 5
Specialists of the company  “Art Port” approached the implementation of tasks with responsibility and took into account the features of our work.
LLC «Kernel-Trade» expresses gratitude to the director and employees of «Art Port» for their skilled work in the development and implementation of the software package and plans to continue cooperation with this company in the following areas:
• Development of a graphical interface for accounting of the wagon arrangement on freight fronts in the system of quantitative and qualitative grain accounting;
• Expansion of integration with the information system of «Railway Express Transportation»: loading the order of wagons at rates during spotting, unloading the time of the wagon processing stages at the terminal;
• Loading of manual GU-46 and railway waybills from mail;
• Setting up accounting for the wagon dislocation and applications for transportation;
• Data exchange with accounting system of deliveries «Microsoft Dynamics NAV»;
• Setting up the creation of railway consignment notes from grain storages during grain dispatching to wagons.
• Development of downloading manual statements (GU-46), acts (GU-23);
• Automation of the forwarder’s workplace for binding grain certificates to wagons with unloading to the Microsoft SharePoint system.