LLC «Ville Forte Ukraine» is an operator of a complex for the transshipment of liquefied petroleum gas in the port of Izmail, Odesa Region. The main function and task of the terminal are to attract freight traffic from manufacturers in the CIS countries and subsequent dispatching to consignees of the Balkan Peninsula.

In the context of growth in rail transportation volumes, the issue of automating transportation management tasks has become an urgent issue for our company.

The developers were given the task of automatically monitoring the implementation of dispatching and cargo delivery.

To solve these problems, we chose the company “Art Port”, which has provided the software package “Art:Railway Logistics Basic”.

Specialists of the company “Art Port” have finalized and implemented a software product, conducted the training. Our employees receive quality advisory support on the optimal use of this complex.
As a result of the implementation, program work was carried out to adapt the system to the company’s business processes.

Implementation period: 12 months

Specialists of the company “Art Port” arrived at the implementation of tasks with responsibility and took into account the features of our work.

LLC «Ville Forte» expresses gratitude to the director and employees of Art Port for their qualified services in the development and implementation of an automated system for the operational accounting of railway traffic based on the product «Art:Railway Logistics Basic».