Art:Port Program Solution

Title Description Price
Art:GrainStorage&Conditioning Storage and part of cereals 500,00 1400,00 2400,00 3400,00
Art:Stevedoring Receipt, storage, processing, loading on a vessel of various cargoes 700,00 3000,00 5000,00 7400,00
Art:GrainTerminal Stevedoring Company + GrainStorage 1000,00 3700,00 6000,00 8400,00
Art Cloud WayBill Software complex of Internet and mobile applications. WEB-application for input and printing of commodity-transport waybills (TTN). Mobile jobs for registration of vehicles at the entrance. Acceleration of registration of transport (TTN) at the entrance to the grain terminal, minimization of the human factor. Cloud service for accessing the TTN database for the purpose of dispatching and analyzing trucking Individual price
Art:Tulman of Grain Terminal Mobile workplace (Mobile Android app) tallyman for registering the receipt of grain by truck from the warehouse for shipment to the ship. Using QR-scanning and GPS-location location to accelerate the work and minimize the impact of human factors. 700,00
Art:GrainProcessing GrainStorage + grain processing + compound production (GrainStorage & Conditioning + Grain processing) 700,00 1700,00 2700,00 4400,00
Art:Railway logistics
(Basic edition*)
The module of exchange with the Server of the coordination module (SMS) for integration into the Customer’s 1C application solutions (a set of services is provided to help the IT specialists of the Customer to integrate the exchange with Ukrzaliznytsia into the existing information system) 1400,00 **

Art:Railway logistics
(Ultimate edition*)
Art:Railway logistics Basic edition + Financial and Analytical Module (calculation of the cost of transportation of traffic on the basis of data available through the Server of the reconciliation module) 2400,00 **
Art:RailWay Accounting for wagons on railway area businesses. Communication Ukrainian railroad software, wagons entering innings, applications, notices 1400,00 **

* when the joint delivery with the «Server reconciliation module» provides a discount on the railway solution of the complex «Art: Port»

** The server module matching Allows user programs interact with an iformation system of «Ukrzaliznytsya» through «Client UZ» Subscribe of 12 month 1050,00
Art: Car technician (Wagon technician) Mobile workplace (Android mobile application) carload technique. Supplement to Annexes for Railway Transport 700,00
Art:Payroll Payroll dockers — machine operators in ports and stevedoring companies 2000,00 2700,00 3000,00 3700,00
Art:TradeUnion Accounting in trade union organizations 500,00 1000,00 1700,00 2400,00
Art:Forwarding Accounting forwarding of various cargoes for import and export 1400,00 1700,00 2000,00 2400,00
Art:ShipAgency Accounting agency service of ships 1400,00 1700,00 2000,00 2400,00
Art:PortFleet Operational accounting work of the port fleet (taking into account the time of the courts, performance, Thermal Report 1400,00 1700,00 2000,00 2400,00
Art:Vehicle Accounting for the work and performance of vehicles, spare parts, fuel and lubricants 1400,00 1700,00 2000,00 2400,00
Art:Gas stations Operational accounting for gas stations 500,00 1400,00 2000,00 3400,00
Art:Harwest Accounting for crops and livestock. Includes 1 WeighBridge 500,00 1400,00 2000,00 3400,00
Art:WeighBridge Weigher workstation. Communication with road and railway electronic scales. Optional — photographing 400,00
Art:Entrance Automation entrance program (connection with the management personnel and working hours program) 700,00
Art:CheckPoint Accounting for import / export of goods by road. Register Waybill. Database of vehicles/ Optional — connection with video surveillance 400,00

12-month support of solutions «Art: Port»

Price *includintg SMM
2 category 1 hour of consulting services per month 180,00
3 category 5 hours of consulting services, software works per month 360,00
4 category 10 hours of consulting services, software works per month 540,00
5 category «Basic» Support for updates of RailWay solutions Art: Port (exchange module with SMM) — update when updating SMM software 300,00 1300,00 *
5 category «Pro» Basic level of support for RailWay solutions + provision of basic delivery updates + consultation line 600,00 1600,00 *
5 category «Elite» Pro + reconcile changes with changes in client configuration 1300,00 2300,00 *

Partner solutions in the field of cargo transportation

Title Description Price
Workstation shipper Creation and processing of electronic railway transportation documents 400,00
* The server module matching (SMM) Allows user programs interact with an iformation system of «Ukrzaliznytsya» through «Client UZ» Subscribe of 12 month 1050,00
TMkarta system Displaying of the freight trains’ route, calculation of the payment for transportation 200,00
TMkarta (the server part of a network version) 250,00
TMkarta (workplace network version) 60,00
TMkarta (communication module TMcalc) 650,00