Module «Exchange with UZ»

The product is developed for integration into the accounting system of the enterprise to ensure data exchange with the AS «Client UZ» and automation of accounting of rail transportation documents.
  • Rail waybill (ETD): loading, storage of print forms of the waybill and accompanying documents in PDF format;
  • Unloading of rail waybills with the indication of the recipient and EDS;
  • Creating rail waybills — copying, readdressing an existing one, input on the basis of the GU-45 instructions with copying the wagon list;
  • GU-45 statements (spotting/picking): loading, storage of print forms of the consignment note and supporting documents in PDF format, determination of the consignment note for each wagon;
  • Quantity sheets GU-46, GU-46a, GU-46k: loading, storing print forms of the waybill and supporting documents in PDF format, defining sheets by numbers;
  • Accumulative cards FDU-92: loading, storage of print forms of the consignment note and accompanying documents in PDF format, determination of documents of the basis of payments and numbers of wagons from the notes;
  • Electronic approval and signature of statements GU-46 / GU-46a / GU-46k and accumulative cards FDU-92;
  • The mechanism for the cost distribution of  UZ documents for wagons;
  • Generation of acts of the general form “GU-23” based on the list of act statement numbers of GU-46;
  • A set of classifiers and reference books (stations, railway administrations, countries of the world, consignment stamps, Classes of transport rates, the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, types of wagons, UZ payment codes);
  • The history preview of the wagon: documents, arrivals and departures from stations, consignment notes;
  • Reports (Register of shipped wagons; Register of empty shipments; Status of wagons at stations; Analysis of the processing of wagons at stations (incoming invoice, delivery, cleaning, outgoing invoice, Statement of payments UZ)

Technical features:

  • The most efficient use of the system is achieved with the software “Server of approval module”, which allows to download UZ documents automatically at any frequency, as well as send information about issuance of waybill and creation of rail waybills, the coordination of station documents;
  • To ensure safe operation with the railway VPN and speed up the exchange with the “Server of approval module”, the Gohub HTTP Converter software service was developed, which allows to redirect requests from accounting systems of other servers, which allows to isolate the application server and avoid “security holes” ;
  • The Gohub HTTP Converter service performs the task of supporting the operation of the VPN connection with UZ and starts it in case of disconnection;
  • The Gohub HTTP Converter service stores settings for placing EDS keys on the server for the possibility of signing UZ documents from any device without the need for an external media;
  • It is delivered in the form of a 1C library configuration based on the “Library of Standard Subsystems”. It can be integrated separately from the main library both in the standard configurations “MSB”, “Accountancy”, “MCE”, “Trade Management”, “Accountancy”, “BAS:ERP”, and in industry solutions;
  • Some sections of the code are protected by SLK software protection. For the possibility of editing by the Customer’s developers, the main exchange events are placed in redefinable modules.

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