Art:Railway District

The subsystem is designed to account for wagons and locomotives on the railway station of the enterprise. It is offered in two editions — Basic (Railway district) and Ultimate (Railway terminal).

Functionality Railway district (Basic Edition) Railway terminal (Ultimate Edition)
Monthly plan of delivery by railway Х Х
Plan-actual report on the implementation of the delivery plan Х Х
Exchange with «AS client UZ» Х Х
The download of EPD (with the creation and issuance), GU-45, GU-46 (with a signature), FDU-92 (with a signature) Х Х
Multiple printing of invoices, accompanying documents, and station documents Х Х
Automatic filling of information on railway invoices in the following documents Х Х
Report by wagons on the way and at the station according to «AS client UZ» Х Х
Station costs report Х Х
Registration of wagon arrival at the station Х
The download of certificates of a wagon approaching GIOC 1892 and 1005 Х Х
Loading of numbered dislocation of wagons Х
Accounting for the wagon processing on the territory Х Х
Wagon spotting Х Х
Registration of commercial wagon inspection Х
Processing of wagons (memo) Х Х
Installation of an arbitrary condition of wagons from the list intended for the user Х
Notification of wagon picking Х Х
Wagon picking (actual) Х Х
Registration, confirmation, closing of applications for spotting/picking, shunting works, weighing Х
Act of general form, registration of defects Х
Report on spotting and picking for the period Х Х
Report on processed wagons for the period Х Х
Report on the condition of wagons on the territory Х Х
Report on the time of wagon stay on the territory at the selected time Х Х
Report on the time of wagon stay at the stages of processing Х Х
Search for a wagon by number, review of the history of operations from the card Х Х
Accounting for the movement of wagons on the territory Х
Managing directories of destinations (locations) and railways Х
Registration of movements by documents of processing of wagons (spotting on a track, picking from a track) Х
Registration of arbitrary movements of wagons with order recalculation on the tracks Х
The workstation of the traffic controller — visualization of wagon placement on tracks, generation of documents by graphic selection with the allocation of wagons, search, coloring on various indications, folding, etc. Х
Accounting for work of locomotives Х
Directory of locomotives Х
Registration of locomotive operation Х
Fuel accounting for changes in the route list, comparison with the norms of operations Х
Download data by fuel consumption and balances from external sensor systems (Dniprotechtrans, for example) Х
Ability to bind the list of wagons to the operation, the distribution of time and fuel on warehouse documents or customer requests (individually) Х
Interactive schedule of shunting (train) works with the ability to create documents of operations and printing on A2, A3, A4 Х
Gantt chart by the operation of locomotives Х
Tabular report by the work of locomotives Х
Report by the movement of fuel in locomotives Х
Accounting for work of employees Х
Registration of employees entering service Х
Conducting route sheets with auto-completion for locomotive operations Х
Automatic formation of acts of downtime in shifts Х
Report on the work of employees for the period by type of work/charges Х
Data exchange with ZUP (individually) Х
Client’s workplace (consignee/consignor) Х
Review and print of rail waybills to own address Х
Issuance of railway waybills Х
Forming applications to work manually or graphically for available wagons Х
Review of reports of processing available wagons Х
Unloading in own accounting system of the information about wagons (individually) Х
Downloading data of actual processing of wagons from warehouse accounting systems Х
Registration of statistical data without specification of wagon numbers Х
Income group (economic block) Х
Registration of individual agreements with clients by tariffs Х
Calculation of services of spotting/picking, shunting works (by applications), weighing with the signet of accepting-handing acts Х
Rebilling station costs Х
Statistical reporting Х
Data exchange with Accounting Х
Graphic workplace of the head Х

Advantages of the subsystem:

  • Automatic exchange of electronic documents with the UZ information system *;
  • Minimization of manual input and control of information about the wagon and cargo;
  • Visualization of wagon placement on the territory of the yard and railway station;
  • Unified information space for all users (UZ employees at the station, railway terminal, consignor/consignees);
  • Integration with other information systems (e.g. railway weighing software);
  • Preservation of trade secrets.


  • Automatic download of electronic railway waybills from the UZ information system and registration of wagons, cargoes, and other information in the database *;
  • Forms of fast and simplified input of information into documents;
  • Visualization of the wagon location on the territories of the railway terminal and consignees with the possibility of interactive creation of documents, color allocation of wagons by random data filter, switching between different stations of the enterprise;
  • Automatic download of data of wagon weighing from the external program of weight registration;
  • Registration of route sheets, detailed accounting of movements and other operations of locomotives, construction of the schedule of shunting works;
  • System for monitoring the execution of applications, both by the consignee and the railway terminal;
  • Registration of additional information of consignees (vessel, bill of lading number, release number);
  • Calculation of services provided by the railway terminal for weighing, spotting/picking of wagons to the station and cargo complexes, the performance of additional shunting works;
  • Accounting for fuel consumption during the operation of locomotives;
  • Report formation:
    • Statement-calculation by weighing, additional maneuvers, spotting/picking;
    • Weighing journal (indicating dosages);
    • Report on the execution of consignees’ orders;
    • Preliminary calculation of railway terminal services;
    • The preliminary schedule for the wagon spotting;
    • Shunting work schedule;
    • Report on the current location of wagons (census of wagons);
    • Analysis of wagon processing, implementation of a wagon processing plan, statement of payment for the use of wagons, and others.


* If the client has the program «Server of the approval module» of the company «TM Soft»

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