The software solution «Art:RailWay» is intended for registration of the cars and locomotives in the railway section of the enterprise. The configuration has been developed as a supplement to a standard software product «1С: A Small Company Management for Ukraine».

Advantages of the solution:

  • Automatic exchange of digital documents with the information system UZ*;

  • Minimization of manual data entering and the car and cargo information monitoring;
  • Visualization of the cars location in the station territory and in the railway section of the enterprise;
  • United informational space for all the users (UZ employees at the station, railway terminal, consignors/consignees);
  • Integration with other informational systems (for example, the weigh department software);
  • Commercial privacy.

Functional capabilities:

  • Automatical download of digital railway invoices from the informational system UZ and registration of the cars, cargoes and other information at the database*
  • Patterns for quick and simplified information input into documents;
  • Visualization of the cars location in the territory of the railway terminal and consignees with a possibility of interactive document creation, car colouring at randomly chosen data, connecting to different parts of the enterprise;

  • Automatic download of the car weighing data from the external programme of weight registration;
  • Running schedule registration, detailed registration of travelling and other locomotive operations, creating of the shunting works time-table;
  • Monitoring system of request execution by both the consignee and the railway terminal;
  • Registration of the consignee additional information (the vessel, the bill of lading number, the issue number)

  • Calculation of the services such as weighing, car feeding/removing to/from the station and cargo facilities, additional shunting works execution rendered by the railway terminal;
  • Fuel spending registration during the locomotives operation;
  • Making of the reports:
    • List-calculation for reweighing, additional shunting, feeding/removing;
    • Weighing log (with dosage indicating);
    • A report about the consignee request execution;
    • A preliminary calculation of the railway terminal services;
    • A preliminary time-table of the car feed;
    • A time-table of the shunting works;
    • A report about the current location of the cars (list of the cars);
    • Analysis of the cars handling, execution of the cars handling plan, a payment register for using ot the cars etc.

More detailed information about the solution is available by the phone numbers: in Nickolaev (0512) 67-00-97, in Odessa (048) 709-11-79 or it is possible to request a demonstration.

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