Art:Wagon Fleet

The product is developed for recording the wagon movement on the basis of dislocation (tracking) data, as well as accounting for its own and rented rolling stock.


  • Wagon journal: accounting of technical characteristics, viewing the history of dislocation and reparations;
  • Downloading the wagon dislocation from files, e-mail, Internet sources (by default — GIVC 1338 help);
  • The distance calculation to the destination station for each wagon*;
  • Map of the wagon dislocation (Google-maps);
  • Accounting for the wagon set-up and removal from tracking;
  • Instructions on the return of empty wagons — planning the wagon movement;
  • Reports of the wagon movement (Turnover of wagons by direction, senders/receivers, in the light of circular route; Position of wagons at stations for a selected period with the calculation of duration and lay-over; Record-book of loaded haul; Record-book of empty haul; Layover at stations under cargo operations; Hauls between wagon stations for the period; Forecast of the wagon arrival at the destination station*).
  • Wagon rental agreement with the registration of rates for all wagons, types, or specific units;
  • Registration of wagon acceptance for rent;
  • Registration of the wagon transferring for rent;
  • Calculation of the duration and cost of wagon renting for the period, in the light of changes in rates and repairs;
  • Accounting for repairs — downloading of wagon reparations from dislocation data;
  • Reports of renting and reparations (Wagon condition in rent, Duration and cost of rent for the period, Statement of reparations for the period, Revenues and expenses by wagons)


* If you have the software «TM Card»  and the communication module «TMCalc».

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