Art:Railway Dispatching

The product is developed for operational accounting of the spotting/picking and shunting of the railway terminal.

The function of the system:

  • Organization and implementation of uniform and understandable rules for railway transport accounting to increase the efficiency of operational management;
  • Automation, control and movement accounting and exploitation of railway transport;
  • Reliability of operational and quantitative data — minimizing the influence of the human factor on the data formation on which the accounting system is based;
  • Minimizing the use of paper documents, replacing them with electronic versions;
  • Immediate and timely information receipt of the duration of freight operations with wagons, notification of excess delays;
  • Building an operational system of control and accounting of freight traffic.


  • Exchange with AS “Client UZ” AS (DirectUZ module): loading and signing of rail waybills, GU-45 instructions, GU-46 statements of usage, FDU-92 accumulative cards;
  • Loading the empty wagons dislocation from mail and other sources;
  • Information fill-out about wagons from the waybill at all processing stages;
  • Wagon arrival at the station;
  • Wagon inspection — registration of marking and inspection results;
  • Downloading technical data of wagons from the UZ website;
  • Wagon supply to the approach lines of the enterprise;
  • Graphical scheme of wagons on tracks — customizable wagon drawing-up, Drag-and-Drop for displacement reflecting, notification of operations;
  • Locomotive accounting: operations, route sheets, an interactive schedule of shunting (train) operations;
  • Ability to integrate with weighing equipment;
  • Consignee instructions for waybill fill-out;
  • Notification print for picking;
  • Wagon picking to the station;
  • Reports (Wagon approach, Waybills on the way, Wagons at the station, Wagons on the territory (with lay-over calculation), Spotting/picking for the period, Unloading / loading for the period, locomotive operation, Analysis of shift work, Weighing journal, Wagon accumulation on the tracks, Availability of wagons on the tracks).

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