The software solution «Art:ShipAgency» is intended for complex and effective computerized accounting at companies dealing with ship’s agency service.  The solution has been developed as a supplement to a standard software product «Book-keeping 8 for Ukraine» and has been certified as «Compatible».

Functional capabilities:

  • Vessel registration during the port approaches;
  • Creation of applications to the port authorities for issuing of invoices;
  • Creation of administrative, analytical, and statistical reports;
  • Registration of incoming invoices;
  • Registration of mutual payments with shipowners;
  • Registration of mutual payments with the port authorities;
  • Includes a regularly refreshing database of Ukrainian ports table of rates;
  • Calculation of agent (sub-agent) service prices and issuing of necessary invoices;
  • Presentation of transit operations of shipowners and ports mutual payments;
  • Taking into account of peculiarities of the value-added tax calculation, typical for such a kind of service;
  • Creation of disbursement accounts.

The solution contains the following specialized documents and printed patterns:

  • «A vessel»;
  • «A (pro) form»;
  • Table of rates adjustment for the «(pro) form» calculation;
  • «Invoice for the ship’s agency service payment»;
  • «Distribution on the vessel»;
  • «Payments to the ports»
  • «Calculation of agent service»;
  • «A shipowner payment»;
  • «A ship’s debt carry-forward»;
  • «A port’s debt carry-forward»;
  • «A shipowner’s debt correction»;
  • «Disbursement account»;

A collection of preset reports:

  • «A timetable of approaching vessels»;
  • «Mutual payments with the port authorities»;
  • «Mutual payments with shipowners»;
  • «Regulated report about vessels»;
  • «A statistical cargo report»;
  • «A statistical service report»

More detailed information about the solution is available by the phone numbers: in Mykolaiv (0512) 67-00-97, in Odesa (048) 709-11-79 or it is possible to request a demonstration.