The software is intended for complex automation of management and real-time accounting in stevedoring companies.

Functional units:

Security control point

  • registration of entrance / exit of vehicles (auto/railway) at the accumulation places, checkpoints

  • vehicle registration log in accumulation places;

  • registration of the arrival of vehicles at the checkpoint, downloading files from the document scanner, monitoring and filling in documents according to the delivery plans;

  • report on the movement of vehicles on the territory of the terminal.

Weighing station

  • workplace of the weigher;

  • registration of automobiles and cars weighing;

  • registration of vehicle weighing during unloading / shipment to the vessel;

  • control / deactivation of manual weighting adjustments;

  • weighing journal.

Import planning and reporting:

  • vessel bill of entry (call);

  • cargo plan (preliminary / executive) – detailing up to holds, tweendecks, decks, parts of holds;

  • the import plan (auto / railway, import, export, transit, coastal shipping);

  • reports: analysis of vessel handling, analysis of the cargo plans implementation, analysis of the loading standards fulfillment.

Accounting group


  • receiving document (auto / railway, warehouse / direct variants) + printing of the export cargo account card;

  • shipping notice and bill of lading + list of imported cargo (Form 3);

  • unloading of the vessel;

  • general act and notification report;

  • reports on the import plans implementation and cargo arrival.


  • export loading order with applications (lists);

  • loading of the vessel according to receiving documents;

  • printing of the tallyman’s receipt, hatch note, delivery orders;

  • shipping notice, printing of the disbursement order;

  • shipment on automobiles and cars + shipping notice;

  • reports on the orders implementation, the cargo departure for the period.


  • transfer between warehouses and cells (piles, silo towers);

  • cargo characteristic changes (repackaging, resizing);

  • returnable packaging accounting (lodgments, separation, wiring, etc.)

  • graphic chart of cargo placement in warehouses.

Cargo handling economist:

  • calculation of storage in the context of receiving documents and consignments of shippers (additions, distribution numbers);

  • handling cost calculation;

  • additional services calculation (cleaning of the warehouse, supply/ picking of cars);

  • invoices formation and printing, uploading them to the accounting subsystem;