The system is intended for automation of operational accounting at automobile operating enterprises and divisions of holdings.

Functionality Vehicle LITE Vehicle
Customer orders for vehicle transport services Х
Trip sheets Х Х
POL Accounting (order № 36) Х Х
Management accounting of POL Х
Accounting of tires and accumulator units Х Х
Repair and maintenance costs Х Х
Recording of working time and managerial salary Х
Management accounting of income and expenditure (P&L) Х
The ability to integrate into a typical solution (Accountancy, Management of manufacturing plant, Management of small business) Х Х
Possibility of «stand-alone» use Х Х
«Stand-alone» use and exchange with standard solutions Х
Terminal server for trip sheet issue Х
Mobile application for the driver Х


  • Main activity management:
    • Reception of applications for auto transportation;
    • Formation of orders for the transport issue;
    • Design of railway sheets;
  • Technological accounting of work of transport:
    • Accounting for vehicle characteristics;
    • Accounting of repairs, tires, batteries;
    • Accounting for fuel by the standards and in fact;
  • Calculation of the cost of the services provided:
    • Income accounting for each shipment, flexible system of customizable tariffs;
    • Transportation reports;
    • Repairs reports;
  • Gas station subsystem:
    • Loading data processing centers;
    • Analysis of the movement of PMM according to travel sheets and processing centers;
    • PMM Complex Party Accounting Subsystem by Fuel Holders at Unified Storage;
  • GPS monitoring
    • Downloading of GPS sensor data from monitoring systems;
    • Analysis of the operation of vehicles based on travel sheets and GPS sensors;
    • Autofilling of track data according to monitoring data.
  • Control of system users:
    • Registration of employees’ actions connected with operational work;
    • Ability to view the list of events in detail;
  • Advantages of configuration:
    • It can be used either independently or in combination with any typical product (Accounting, EM, SCM, and so on)
    • Integrating the subsystem «Art:Vehicle» in a typical solution, a mechanism for automatic formation of regulatory documents (requirement-invoice, the act of performed work) is implemented, which allows you to use all the capabilities of typical products, such as control of the settlement, analysis of income and expenses, and others.

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Mobile application for receiving operational information about the activities of a trucking company.


  • Display of orders for the transport departure;
  • Displaying a list of orders;
  • Search for an order by barcode;
  • Possibility to change the key parameters of the transport departure demand notes;
  • Ability to change the key parameters of orders;
  • Display of the status and location of vehicles;
  • Coordination of demand notes for the departure of transport;
  • Coordination of orders


Mobile application for working with drivers’ orders of a trucking company.


  • Displaying a list of orders;
  • Search for an order by barcode;
  • Fixing the acceptance of payment for the order;
  • Receiving GPS coordinates at the time of order status change;
  • Photo fixation of cargo


Art:Oil terminal Art:ShipAgency Art:Forwarding Art:Railway District